Monday, February 23, 2009

Gundam 00 S2 Episode 20

First thing first..about the opening..i don't have any single idea about why must we have a male version of Namida no Mukou...which is really sucks..seriously, i wouldn't hear it for the second time even if i'd paid for it :p

male version?..yucks

about the episode, i found nothing important exept Anew's death..yes she is a goner T.T CURSE u Ribbons!!

btw, one thing for sure, Dylandy's related blood sure can get along with Innovator very well :P
Neil sure is better than Lyle because he could even make Innovator GAY for him...everybody knows that Tieria had a mad crush on Neil aite? :3
now i wonder if we can have Feldt X Lyle after this^^

Episode 21 preview:
Oh shi-!
Why the hell that Wang Liu Mei still there?