Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekday: Mon-Thu

6.15 am
-Wake up, perform Subuh prayer and sleep.

7.20 am
-Wake up for the 2nd time. Looking at my roommate, Mechanical Engineering student, still sleeping. His class always near 10am. Curse him. And take my bath.

7.45 am
-All set. Ride to the lecture hall.

8.00 am
-Arrive at the lecture hall. IF :
a. Pre-calculus
Finding Acap. Spotted. Sit next to him.
b. Chemistry
Finding Apis. Spotted. Sit next to him. Sleep.
c. Physics
See the lecturer. If Abdalah, sleep. If Mumtaj, open the notes.

12.00 pm
- IF
a. Tutorial
Relax. Just follow the flow. Volunteer myself sometimes.
b. Lab
A little bit rush. Or pretend to be rush. Copy and paste others results. Alter it. Make it as mine.

5.00 pm

7.00 pm
-Wake up. Take a shower. Prepare to go to the mosque. An air-conditioning mosque.

8.15 pm
-Eat, go back to the room. Tried to study.

9.00 pm
-Turn ON the laptop. Books aside. Lurking, while tried to study. If not, go down the stairs and knock E-01-09. A multimedia center. 3 laptops, 3 psp, and 2 printer. Loafing.

3.00 am


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Saturday, July 11, 2009