Sunday, August 1, 2010

Manly Tears

"you know, if you stay up late
you're just gonna make things
harder for yourself"

but I love it the way it is,
I like the numbness that come with being
exhausted, the oblivion, the quite chaos
that only exist in my own head
everybody else problems are suddenly
the farthest from my own, because i have things
to deal with too
I'm tired,
is the best common excuse
to keep myself alone, to evade
the people,
the constant problems that don't concern me in any way,
sometimes I don't even need to try,
to block things out
the exhaustion does it for me;

and I love that"

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gulagulahacks said...

xtau gapo..
jiwoo lonih.

vanillavengeance said...

xtau gapo..

jiwang karat sekarang..

Shamil Gunsō said...

ini dipanggil manly tears..ahaha